Making Every Day a Celebration of Pride

This opinion piece by our Founder, Daniel Montelongo, advocates for celebrating LGBTQIA+ pride throughout the year, emphasizing the importance of daily affirmation and visibility beyond just Pride Month.

The image features the phrase "Making Every Day a Celebration of Pride" in bold, black typography against a white background. To the left, a vibrant rainbow graphic curves upwards, with each stripe transitioning smoothly from red to violet, symbolizing the diversity and unity of the LGBTQIA+ community.

As we kick off June 1st and dive into Pride Month, it's important to remember that the celebration of our LGBTQIA+ community shouldn't just be a once-a-year event. Pride started with the Stonewall Riots back in 1969, a pivotal moment that sparked a global movement celebrating love, diversity, and the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights. But the energy and solidarity we feel during Pride shouldn't fade as the calendar flips to July.

Why Pride Matters All Year

Pride began as a fight against oppression and has grown into a worldwide celebration. However, limiting our visibility to just one month might unintentionally suggest that LGBTQIA+ identities are only temporarily important. Real change and acceptance come from visibility and advocacy that continues all year long. Each win for LGBTQIA+ rights often meets with challenges, making it crucial to keep the momentum going beyond June.

Everyday Empowerment

Celebrating who you are every day is essential for mental and emotional well-being, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. It's about more than just surviving; it's about thriving. Daily affirmation helps build resilience and confidence, allowing people to live openly and authentically.

Building a Supportive Community

Making a habit of celebrating diverse identities helps create a more inclusive society. It challenges stereotypes and educates others about the richness of the LGBTQIA+ community. This kind of regular support is especially meaningful to those who are just coming out or who feel isolated.

Simple Ways to Celebrate Year-Round

You can bring the spirit of Pride into your daily life in many ways. From personal practices like mindfulness and self-care to public actions like attending community events or advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights. Supporting LGBTQIA+ arts and culture also plays a huge role in enriching our community's voice and presence.

Extending the Pride Celebration

Let's use this June not just as a party but as a renewal of our commitment to live proudly every day. The spirit of Pride is about more than parades and rainbow flags; it's about continuing to push for rights, celebrating our identities, and supporting each other no matter the season.

Every day presents an opportunity to celebrate our true, authentic selves and to ensure the legacies of those who fought for recognition continue to empower and inspire. This June, let us remind ourselves and the world that our pride, our fight, and our celebration do not end as the month does. Here’s to living proudly and authentically, today and every day. Your authenticity is not just part of who you are—it's your superpower.

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