Elevating Adam’s Nest to New Heights

This case study highlights the power of aligning brand ethos with consumer experience, proving that with the right strategy, even the most niche of brands can achieve spectacular growth and visibility.

The image is a mock-up of an open laptop on a flat surface with an external mouse to its right. The laptop screen displays a website with the text "QUEER PROUD YEAR ROUND" next to a pride rainbow flag. The website appears to be related to LGBTQIA+ pride, with a picture of a storefront decorated with pride flags. The laptop has an orange keyboard, which adds a pop of color to the sleek design. The overall aesthetic suggests a modern, inclusive, and proud messaging, possibly for an LGBTQIA+ focused campaign or online store.
 The image features a person wearing a black t-shirt with a neon pink outline of a cat's face on it. The person is tilting their cap back with one hand, revealing a contemplative facial expression. The background is a bright orange color, creating a strong contrast with the black t-shirt. The overall vibe of the image is casual and trendy, with a hint of edginess provided by the graphic tee and the model's pose.


Adam's Nest

Adam’s Nest, founded in 2015 by Adam Singer, is a vibrant presence in Provincetown, MA. Known for its politically engaged, socially conscious, spiritually connected, and slightly naughty apparel, Adam’s Nest is more than a store—it’s a statement.

Our Objective

Our goal was to significantly increase Adam’s Nest’s online sales while boosting its visibility and foot traffic in Provincetown. The strategy was twofold: refine the online shopping experience to better showcase the brand’s extensive and diverse product range, making it easy for customers nationwide to connect with the brand; and enhance local presence in Provincetown, ensuring that Adam’s Nest becomes a must-visit destination for both residents and visitors alike.

The Challenge

Despite being a beloved local fixture, Adam’s Nest faced visibility challenges. Its small storefront was easy to miss, and the online shopping experience was clunky, with a website that struggled to showcase its extensive product range. Beyond Provincetown, brand awareness was minimal.

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive brand refresh. This included creating brand guidelines that truly reflected Adam’s Nest's unique spirit, redesigning the website for clarity and ease of use, and enhancing the online shopping journey from product discovery to checkout. Additionally, we focused on Adam’s Nest’s charitable efforts, promoting products that support LGBTQIA+ causes. Our strategy also included targeted advertising campaigns to draw foot traffic locally and boost national brand awareness.

Implementation Process

The website was revamped with a mobile-first approach, making it accessible and engaging. We meticulously categorized the vast product selection for easy navigation and spotlighted charitable items to encourage sales and support for LGBTQIA+ charities. With the refreshed website, we launched targeted ads focusing on Provincetown visitors, the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, and those with a political conscience.

The Results
Immediate Increase In Online Sales
Increase In Foot Traffic
Increase In YOY Sales
New Subscribers
Immediate Increase In Online Sales
Increase In Foot Traffic
Increase In YOY Sales


The initiative swiftly yielded impressive results:

  • A 40% increase in online sales month-over-month following the website launch.
  • A 70% increase in foot traffic to the Provincetown store.
  • A 60% overall increase in website sales year-over-year.
  • Addition of 5,000 new subscribers to the email list within six months.


This case study showcases The Gaygency’s ability to marry strategic marketing with meaningful brand storytelling. For Adam’s Nest, the transformation went beyond numbers; it was about amplifying a voice and space where commerce meets conscience. Our collaboration not only accelerated Adam’s Nest’s growth but also reinforced its role as a beacon for community, activism, and inclusion.

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