Crafting a Queer Space's Brand Identity

In the vibrant city of Asbury Park, The Gaygency embarked on an inspiring journey with Oasis, an emerging LGBTQIA+ bar, to establish a brand identity that echoed the essence of safety, diversity, and inclusion.

 Drag performer Olivia Lux, from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13, is featured with voluminous orange hair and white attire, holding a microphone, with text "Oasis Preview, Day 1 of 3 Weekend" displayed in neon-style lettering, against a backdrop of tropical leaves, promoting an event on Mar 17th at The Oasis.
The image features a promotional flyer for "Oasis Preview Weekend, Day 2 of 3," with a drag queen as the centerpiece. She is striking a pose against a vibrant tropical background with palm trees, a pink flamingo holding a cocktail, and slices of citrus fruit. Text on the image indicates an event on "Saturday, March 18th," located at "1401 Ocean Ave." It promotes a "2-4-1 Happy Hour from 12pm-5pm" and "Music by DJ Lucia Fuchsia from 7pm-Close." The overall theme is festive and colorful, matching the exuberance of the LGBTQIA+ nightlife scene.



Oasis was poised to become a beacon for the LGBTQIA+ community in Asbury Park, promising an eclectic mix of themed nights and a welcoming atmosphere. This venture aimed to offer a fresh, inclusive space where patrons could celebrate their identity without reservations. However, due to unforeseen circumstances among the founding partners, the eagerly anticipated opening of Oasis was indefinitely postponed.

Our Objective

The primary goal was to create a compelling and inclusive brand identity for Oasis, one that would resonate deeply with the LGBTQIA+ community. The task included branding, graphic design, digital advertising, and website development to herald the arrival of this new queer space and its inaugural events.

The Challenge

The project's core challenge was to encapsulate the spirit of Oasis — a sanctuary for fun, freedom, and expression — into its branding and messaging. This involved developing a dynamic promotional strategy for the bar's soft opening, which was set to feature an exciting lineup of DJs, drag queens, and special guests.

The Solution

The Gaygency's approach was holistic and thoughtful, beginning with a logo that perfectly balanced the concepts of nightlife and sanctuary. Animated flyers brought the first events to life, captivating the target audience with vibrant visuals. A meticulously designed website served as the central information hub, teasing the upcoming space while facilitating event registration and engagement through compelling content.

Implementation Process

  • Branding: Developed a logo and brand identity that mirrored the bar's unique positioning as a vibrant yet safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Website Development: Launched a teaser website that not only informed visitors about Oasis but also captured their curiosity, encouraging them to register for more information.
  • Digital Promotion: Utilized animated flyers and localized ads to generate buzz around the opening events, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.
The Results
News Features In 7 Days
Weekend Ticket Sell-through
Email Subscribers In 72 Hours
News Features In 7 Days
Weekend Ticket Sell-through
Email Subscribers In 72 Hours


The campaign exceeded all expectations, generating significant buzz within and beyond the local community. The highlights of our impact include:

  • Widespread Media Attention: Over 20 news mentions across various publications, some located as far as 50 miles away, within the first week of the ad launch.
  • Rapid Ticket Sales: Achieved a 50% sell-out of tickets for the soft-opening weekend within the first 24 hours of announcement.
  • Growing Community Interest: Garnered 300 email subscribers in just 72 hours, indicating a strong and engaged community interest.

Despite Oasis never opening its doors due to internal challenges, the campaign's success underscored The Gaygency's capability to craft resonant, inclusive brand identities and marketing strategies that deeply connect with the LGBLGBTQIATQ+ community and beyond.


The journey with Oasis, though not culminating in a grand opening, stands as a testament to the power of visionary branding and targeted marketing in mobilizing and uniting the LGBTQIA+ community. It highlights The Gaygency's unwavering commitment to creating spaces — both physical and digital — where every individual can find sanctuary and celebration. As we reflect on the potential of what Oasis could have been, we are inspired by the unity and excitement our collaboration sparked, reminding us of the impact thoughtful marketing can have in shaping inclusive communities.

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