Driving Growth Through Strategic Branding and Digital Marketing

Explore how Nasty Pig transitioned from steady sales to significant growth by harnessing the power of targeted digital marketing and branding. This case study reveals the game-changing tactics behind their success.

The image shows two men standing closely together, one shirtless and the other wearing a black tank top with the word "NASTYPIG" written in a vibrant, stylized graffiti font. Both men have confident, inviting smiles and appear relaxed and friendly. The shirtless man is wearing a chain around his neck and the man in the tank top displays visible tattoos on his arms and chest. The background includes lush green plants, suggesting a tropical or relaxed environment. The overall tone of the image is casual, with a focus on camaraderie and bold fashion.
The image features four confident men posing together in front of a vibrant pink and orange gradient background. They are wearing attire associated with pride celebrations, including black tanks and caps with rainbow logos, as well as various styles of colorful briefs and swimwear. One man is shirtless, showcasing his muscular physique. They all have distinctive and expressive faces, suggesting a joyful and celebratory mood. Their attire, along with the rainbow motifs, indicates that this could be an image from a Pride event or related to LGBTQIA+ community representation.


Nasty Pig

Established in 1994, Nasty Pig has cemented its status in the heart of New York City as a trailblazing Gay apparel brand, renowned for its daring underwear and jockstraps. Transitioning from a brick-and-mortar model to a 100% online direct-to-consumer (D2C) business, Nasty Pig has cultivated a loyal fanbase, maintaining consistent sales through retail partners both domestically and internationally.

Our Objective

Our goal was to ignite Nasty Pig's sales growth by enhancing brand visibility, expanding their email list, revamping their website, developing a robust content strategy, and refining their product strategy.

The Challenge

Despite a steadfast community of supporters, Nasty Pig's growth plateaued, signaling a need for revitalization. CEO David Lauterstein observed a stagnation in customer acquisition, prompting the search for innovative strategies to broaden market reach and amplify sales.

The Solution

Our comprehensive strategy encompassed several key initiatives:

  • Website Migration: Transitioning to Shopify to streamline user experience and boost conversion rates.
  • Lead Generation Campaign: Utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads, offering a 15% discount incentive to bolster email sign-ups.
  • Content Strategy: Crafting engaging video and image-based social media ads to penetrate markets beyond the traditional strongholds of New York and Miami.
  • Product Strategy: Advising on the establishment of a "core" product line that remains constant across seasons, ensuring the availability of staple items.

Implementation Process

Collaborating closely with Nasty Pig’s leadership, we embarked on a journey to redefine their digital presence. This entailed a thorough overhaul of their website, the execution of targeted ad campaigns, and strategic counsel aimed at enriching customer engagement and loyalty. Through authentic and brand-aligned content, we succeeded in capturing the attention of a broader audience, fostering new connections without compromising the brand's edgy identity.

The Results
Average Return on Ad Spend
Increase In Conversion Rate
Increase in AOV
Email Subscribers In One Year
Average Return on Ad Spend
Increase In Conversion Rate
Increase in AOV


  • Website Conversion Rate: Escalated from 1% to an impressive 2.5%.
  • Average Order Value: Witnessed a 30% surge, underscoring the enhanced purchasing behavior.
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Projected an increase of $200, marking a significant uplift in customer loyalty and value perception.
  • Email List Growth: Achieved an expansion of 20,000 subscribers within the first year, significantly widening the brand’s reach.
  • Ad Campaign Efficiency: Delivered a staggering 785% average return on ad spend, validating the effectiveness of our targeted advertising approach.
  • Core Product Success: The introduction of a core product line revolutionized their inventory strategy, becoming a fundamental pillar of their business model.


Nasty Pig’s journey to remarkable growth demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing and branding. Through targeted initiatives, we not only revitalized their online presence but also set new benchmarks for engagement, authenticity, and business performance. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative impact of innovative marketing strategies, paving the way for Nasty Pig to achieve unprecedented success and connectivity with its audience.

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