Reinventing BodyFactory Skin Care’s Brand Presence and Online Strategy

This case study showcases our strategic overhaul of the brand’s identity, digital presence, and customer engagement tactics, driving unprecedented growth and establishing BodyFactory as a pillar of innovation in accessible skincare services.

The image features a woman with voluminous, curly afro hair applying makeup in a mirror, which is not visible in the shot. She’s wearing a black leather jacket and a bright yellow top, adding a pop of color that contrasts with her jacket. Her expression is focused and serene as she carefully applies her eyeliner, highlighting a moment of everyday elegance and self-care. The setting appears to be indoors with a modern, bright interior.
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BodyFactory Skin Care

Founded in 2014 by siblings Eugene and Marianna Kagansky, BodyFactory Skin Care has quickly become a cornerstone of New York City’s skincare industry. With its first boutique opening in the West Village, followed by expansions into Hell's Kitchen and the Upper East Side, BodyFactory has redefined skincare accessibility. Offering a variety of services, including facials, CoolSculpting, injectables, and laser hair removal, the company makes high-quality skincare both accessible and convenient.

Our Objective

Our job was clear: to position BodyFactory Skin Care not only as a leader in walk-in aesthetic treatments across New York City but also to amplify its brand recognition and catalyze both in-store and online sales growth. The strategy needed to encompass a holistic approach, addressing both the physical and digital realms of the customer experience.

The Challenge

The primary hurdle for BodyFactory Skin Care was its digital footprint, which starkly contrasted with the brand's innovative in-studio experience. The company's online presence, constrained by an outdated website crafted by the owners themselves, significantly limited its growth potential. This digital shortfall manifested in a trio of critical areas: a confusing user experience that failed to effectively communicate the brand's unique value proposition, a glaring absence of essential service information, and the lack of a vital online booking and shopping system. Such deficiencies in the online experience and messaging not only hindered the brand's ability to attract new clients but also impacted the convenience and satisfaction of existing customers, thus impeding overall growth in a competitive market.

The Solution

To bridge this gap, a comprehensive strategy was proposed to streamline and enhance every customer touchpoint with the brand. This meant a full-scale brand refresh that aligned with the modern and minimalist aesthetics of the studio interiors, overhauling the website to introduce online booking and shopping capabilities, and implementing targeted marketing initiatives to draw in new clientele while encouraging existing customers to return.

Implementation Process

  • Brand Refresh: Adopting a minimal and clean design philosophy, we reimagined BodyFactory’s brand identity to reflect the sophistication and cleanliness of its physical spaces.
  • Website Overhaul: The website was completely redesigned to improve user experience, incorporating a custom booking application for a seamless, branded online scheduling experience.
  • Digital Marketing: We launched PPC and digital marketing campaigns tailored to attract new customers, focusing on BodyFactory’s diverse array of services.
  • Email Automation: Developed comprehensive email marketing strategies aimed at encouraging repeat visits, utilizing automation to remind customers of their next potential treatment.
  • Content Production: Engaged in regular photoshoots and video production, ensuring that marketing materials remained fresh and engaging to avoid customer fatigue.

The Results
Consistent YOY Growth
Online Sales Weekend Record
Average Return On Adspend
Increase In Bookings
Consistent YOY Growth
Online Sales Weekend Record
Average Return On Adspend


The impact of these comprehensive changes was immediate and profound:

  • Sales Growth: BodyFactory Skin Care experienced a consistent 20% increase in sales year-over-year for six consecutive years.
  • Booked Appointment Increase: Saw a 48% increase in bookings when online booking experience became simplified.
  • Record-Breaking Revenue: Notable sale weekends generated upwards of $250k in just three days.
  • Expanding Customer Base: The client database added over 10,000 unique customers in one year.
  • Expansion: The success facilitated the opening of two additional locations.
  • ROI on Marketing: An impressive 4.5x return on ad spend was maintained throughout the campaigns.


BodyFactory Skin Care’s transformation is a testament to the power of cohesive branding and strategic digital marketing. By aligning the online experience with the physical elegance of its studios, BodyFactory not only solidified its reputation as a local leader in aesthetic treatments but also established a robust digital presence that will fuel its growth for years to come. This case study exemplifies how an integrated approach to branding, digital presence, and customer engagement can elevate a brand from local favorite to industry leader.

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