Branding & Website Development for Investor Fundraising

Step into the world of Sugar Wood, where a strategic rebranding and website overhaul paved the way for impressive sales growth and a broader audience reach. Discover how we captured the brand's unique, playful essence to attract investors and prepare for a significant digital marketing push.

The image features an open laptop on a geometrically arranged set of pastel-colored blocks, which creates a playful and modern composition. The laptop screen displays a website with a promotional pop-up offering a "20% OFF Your order" coupon code. The website seems to be in the e-commerce category, possibly a bakery or a kitchenware shop, as suggested by the photo of a wooden pastry brush in the background. The laptop is silver, suggesting a sleek design typical of modern technology. The overall setup has an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist vibe.
Hand holding a stick with a waffle dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white frosting against a soft pink background.


Sugar Wood

Sugar Wood stands as a beacon of inclusivity and sex positivity in the bustling heart of Soho, New York City. Famous worldwide, this dessert shop offers more than just sweets; it offers an unforgettable experience with its outrageously delightful treats, drawing in an international clientele eager to indulge in its “scandalously delicious” offerings.

Our Objective

The mission was clear: revamp Sugar Wood’s branding and website to captivate investors for an upcoming fundraising series. The aim was to more accurately embody the brand’s unique, playful essence while setting the stage for significant digital marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was developing a website that not only resonated with Sugar Wood's fun and mischievously playful identity but also appealed to a broad and diverse audience in anticipation of a substantial digital advertising push. The goal was to ensure the website and branding could support and reflect the growth aspirations of the brand without alienating any part of its diverse customer base.

The Solution

Our approach was to realign Sugar Wood’s branding to more accurately reflect its unique, playful, and slightly naughty character. This updated brand identity then guided the redesign of the website, ensuring a cohesive and engaging online presence. We focused on enhancing user experience while maintaining the brand’s essence, using updated brand collateral to seamlessly integrate into the new, improved website design.

Implementation Process

The project began with a deep dive into the existing Sugar Wood brand to extract and amplify elements that resonated with its core identity. This involved a collaborative process with the client, refining the playful and cheeky tone to be more pronounced in all visual and textual content. The website redesign focused on usability and engagement, ensuring that the refreshed branding was front and center, creating an online experience that truly represented Sugar Wood’s market position and values.

The Results
Increase in online sales
Decrease in bouncerate
Increase In site speed
Increase in online sales
Decrease in bouncerate
Increase In site speed


The rebranding and website overhaul yielded impressive results:

  • A 20% increase in sales, signaling a stronger market presence and customer appeal.
  • A 15% decrease in website bounce rate, indicating enhanced user engagement and interest.
  • A 30% increase in site speed, improving overall user experience and potentially boosting SEO rankings.


The project not only revitalized Sugar Wood's online presence but also positioned the brand strongly for its fundraising efforts and future digital marketing initiatives, demonstrating the potent impact of aligning brand identity with user experience in the digital landscape.

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